We are a club of San Diego Photographers that focus our interest on Nature photography and are a member in good standing with the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs. We're open to the public and our members range in skill from beginners to award-winning, published amateurs capturing both digital and 35mm slide images.

The primary objectives of this club are to:

1. Encourage and aid wherever possible, the photography of natural specimens.

2. Create interest and encourage identification of subjects photographed.

3. Develop photographic techniques required in the photography of nature.

4. Offer encouragement and constructive criticism of work shown by members.

5. Present educational lectures, nature workshops, and field trips.

6. Encourage achieving salon-quality nature work.

As a club dedicated to the photography of nature in all its many phases, it is the club's aim and hope to:

1. Stimulate the interest of the amateur to go beyond a good composition and to know if the subject is naturally portrayed.

2. Stimulate and encourage good conservation practices.

3. Provide competitions for nature work to be judged as such by persons qualified to recognize the nature subject matter and that it is naturally portrayed.

At this time our meetings are being held via Zoom starting at 7:00pm on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except in November and December when only the first meeting is held. In addition, the club may hold meetings or workshops on any fifth Mondays that may occur during the year.  Normally we meet in the Photo-Arts Building located at 1780 Village Place in San Diego's Balboa Park, but for the foreseeable future we will be meeting via Zoo.